Specialising in Body Therapy treatments for Pregnancy, Birth, Post-Partum & Womens' Health
Bellies & Bubs offers a variety of body therapy treatments for your pregnancy, birth and beyond and prides itself on providing safe, beneficial and individually tailored treatments for women of all life's stages and ages.
It also stocks pregnancy Belly Bags and some Secret Scent oil blends, including a First Stage Labour Oil Blend. 
Guess What...  You don't even have to be pregnant to enjoy an hour of Tranquillity and Bliss with a therapeutic massage or reflexology treatment.
So what is the point of difference at Bellies & Bubs... Established in 2005 in Toowoomba, Bellies & Bubs has provided one of the only venues offering services for pre and post-natal care in the Toowoomba area.  Now, several years on, Bellies & Bubs is proud of its reputation for providing safe, beneficial and specifically tailored pregnancy and post-birth and non-pregnant body therapy treatments; in a nurturing and supportive environment. 
Bellies & Bubs achievements within the Community, include being nominated in 2010 as a Finalist in the Lifestyle Category of the Business Excellence Awards in Toowoomba, an avid supporter of various Fundraising events, including Ovarian Cancer and has also presented at Toowoomba Base Hospital Midwifery Workshops, CPEA, ABA and other Mums' Groups.
Bellies & Bubs receives patient/client referrals from Independant and Hospital based Midwives, Private Obstetricians, Chiropractors and Physios.
Bellies & Bubs has provider recognition with all Private Health Funds.  All relevant Professional and Public Liability Insurances. 
Bellies & Bubs offers Gift Vouchers, E-vouchers and accepts Eftpos/Credit Card/Cash and Paypal for online payments.
Massage & Reflexology
The benefits of massage are many and varied; particularly during pregnancy and post-natally and can assist with back, pelvic girdle, groin pain, sciatica, SPD (symphasis pubis diastasis), abdominal separation, headaches associated with muscular tension, RLS (restless leg syndrome), leg cramps, carpal tunnel and oedema.
 At no other time, will a woman experience such vast physical, emotional and hormonal changes; in such a short space of time.
Pregnancy massages are beneficial from 13-14 weeks of pregnancy (usually after your Nuchal Transluscency Scan) and our specially designed Belly Bag, supports your changing body right up until your baby is born.  
Bellies & Bubs has a variety of treatments to support your pregnancy from pampering treatments, to something more remedial and signature 'balancing' treatments for malpositioned babies and birth preparation.
New Mums benefit from our nurturing and pampering treatments, designed to target tight upper back, shoulders and neck, jaw and scalp, arms and hands. 
Womens' Health treatments are also provided at Bellies & Bubs...  Sometimes an hour's escape is all that's required to reconnect the Body, Mind, Soul.

*Contraindications of Massage... 
Massage is not recommended
  • in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • if pregnant with elevated blood pressure, associated with headaches and spotty or blurred vision, as well as oedema and protein on urinalysis (this can be an indication of pre-eclampsia); cholestatis (a liver imbalance), PUPP (pregnancy rash)
  • within 6 weeks post-surgery.  This includes a C-Section.
  • ​a history of DVT

Bellies & Bubs Etiquette
  • At an initial appointment you will be required to complete a health and information form, please arrive 5 - 10 minutes earlier to allow time for parking and completing paperwork.
  • Please be aware that running late, may mean your treatment time will be reduced, to ensure other clients are not inconvenienced.  The full fee may still be charged.

*Modifying or Cancelling an appointment... 
  • If you need to modify or cancel an appointment, please go to www.bookitlive.net and login using the email and password activated when the initial appointment was made. 
  • Please provide a minimum 12 hours when cancelling, or rescheduling appointments, otherwise a $25.00 cancellation fee may apply.  
  • Cancellations or rescheduling within 4 hours of an appointment will incur a fee 50% of the scheduled fee.
  • On booking your appointment, you will immediately receive a confirmation SMS and/or email and a reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment  .If you don't receive confirmation, please check you have provided the correct mobile number and/or email address.